Phantom Guitarworks Mando Guitar left handed guitar 2/13/13

Now this is a cool instrument. A 12 string octave guitar in left handed. It sounds like a mandolin, plays like as regular 12 string guitar (except for the octave higher). George Harrison played one, so I had to have one. I started talking to Jack Charles of Phantom about 2 years ago (thanks to a recommendation from Elliot Easton). Jack wanted to wait on the leftys until he had more instruments available. So now the first lefty Mando Guitar joins the rest of the line. Check out the video. Go to 9:54 on the video if you just want to hear some excellent sounds. Oh, $999 with hard case.
Phantom Guitarworks Mandoguitar Review - YouTube
jerrysleftyguitars's Phantom Guitarworks/Mando Guitar Sunburst album

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