Anderson Crowdster Plus 2 3 Color Burst 6/30/12

This is like a guitar with super powers. It can play just about any kind of music you can think of (and likely a bunch you can't). Acoustic, electric, rock, gospel, anything, everything.
Crowdster Plus 2 3 Color Burst pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Collings 001 Custom used left handed guitar 6/30/12

Beautiful used Collings 001 Custom. Englemann top with a perfect Amber Burst. The Collings small body guitars are the reason you started playing acoustics; you hoped you could fine something this good.
001 Custom used pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Suhr Pro S6 Custom Bengal Burst left handed guitar 6/30/12

Suhr Pro S6 Custom. Pearl Pickguard, Stainless Steel frets, and G&G OHSC.
Pro S6 Bengal Burst Custom pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Larrivee RS-2 Daphne Blue left handed guitar 6/30/12

Larrivee's wonderful little RS-2 in Daphne Blue. Made in USA of all the best components. Hand made by Matthew Larrivee and only $960. Nothing else like it.
RS-2 Daphne Blue pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

G&L ASAT Special Custom Blue Swirl used left handed guitar 6/30/12

Very unusual ASAT Special with a Legacy bridge and trem. Bowling ball Blue Swirl that powers up when the lights hit it. Cool guitar.
ASAT Special Custom Blue Swirl pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Reverend Jetstream 390 Metallic Blue left handed guitar 6/30/12

Mint condition, discontinued 3 P90 model. Reverend is only making runs of 12 of 1 to 2 models a year now in lefty.
Jetstream 390 used pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Tropical storm Debby update 6/27/12

So Tropical Storm Debby is finally sliding across the state and taking her rain with her. About 18 inches of water surrounded the shop for a few days but it is receding today. We had about 10 inches of rain here, but 15 inches at the Sarasota Airport and about 25 inches a few miles south of here. Here is a photo from the shop porch looking toward the creek (it is on the other side of the fence). In North Carolina they have a great expression for what happened here "the creek got out".

PRS Custom 24 order.

These are the PRS Custom 24s I ordered on the June 15th:

Color                     10 Top     Flame     Quilt    

Natural                    yes         yes                 
Eriza Verde             yes         yes                  
Eriza Verde             yes         yes                  
Faded Blue Burst    yes         yes                 
Charcoal Burst        yes         yes                               
Purple Hazel           yes         yes                                 
Santana Yellow        yes                      yes     
Solana Burst            yes         yes                  
Faded Blue Burst     yes                      yes     
Faded Gray Black    yes         yes                 
Eriza Verde              yes                       yes      
Whale Blue               yes                      yes     
Yellow Tiger              yes         yes
Faded Blue Jean      yes         yes
Natural                      yes         yes
Turquiose                  yes         yes
Blue Mateo               yes                      yes

They should start arriving in October.


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