Bourgeois Small Jumbo Custom left handed 1/30/10

Dana Bourgeois newest model, the Small Jumbo (SJ). Beautifully versatile. My favorite body shape and size. Third SJ ever made.

Huss & Dalton OO Custom (used) left handed 1/30/10

Honduran Rosewood and Englemann Spruce top. Mint condition. Great voice.

1998 Gibson J45 Early left handed 1/26/10

Heritage H150 Chestnut Burst left handed 1/26/10

Chestnut Burst is one of my favorite Heritage colors. Try to get Gibson to make you a guitar this color (or this good).

Jerry Jones Baritone Shorthorn left handed 1/26/10

A great Baritone option for leftys.

Eatman AJ815C left handed 1/26/10

The Maple Small Jumbo Archback in a cutaway.

Eastman AJ615C left handed 1/26/10

Small Jumbo Archback Cutaway in carved Mahogany. Very nice.

Recovering from NAMM 1/22/10

I'm trying to get caught up with everything after returning from NAMM on Monday morning. I'll get to describing what I saw and what I ordered in another post. I had 212 emails and a backlog of voicemail when I came in on Monday. I'm working through it all while not feeling my normal (well, as normal as I can) self. We've also been working on the shop while trying to get caught up with all the guitar business stuff. We have the lighting in and all the electrical switches and outlets are ready for the devices to go in as soon as the painting is done. We are going to get the hardwood floors in before we do the final painting as I know we will bash the walls now and again using the big hammer on the floor nailer. I'm going to try and get to figuring out the patterns for the flooring this weekend.
I have about 8 more guitars to photograph tomorrow if there is sun in the morning.

Off to NAMM 1/13/10

Well, I've been busy. We have been making good progress on the new shop. The interior is primed (some finished paint) and ready for the Slatwall (grooved panels that accept the guitar hangers and allow me to move them around), wood floors, and interior lighting. I'm building a valance around the entire store with indirect lighting. I was thinking of staying home from NAMM and working on the shop, but I need to have face to face with many of the manufacturers. I'll let you know what I'm ordering when I return. I'll be returning calls as I can in the evenings on Thurs, Fri and Sat. I'm not going to attempt to keep up with emails while I'm away, there are just too many. I'll get caught back up next week.
It looks like the shop will be ready in Feb. I'll always be tinkering with something, but all the guitars will be there, and I'll be there, and that will be great.


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