Nik Huber Orca '59 left handed guitar 2/14/13

WOW. That's about it.
jerrysleftyguitars's Nik Huber Guitars/Orca 59 left handed guitar album
It is already on layaway.

Anderson Bulldog NAMM Featured left handed guitar 2/14/13

I ask Tom Anderson to find the wildest top he could for a guitar to take to NAMM. This is the wonderful result (much better in person of course). It was the featured guitar at the Anderson booth as it should have been. Best looking guitar there. 8 lbs of bite and growl and purr and playing perfection.
jerrysleftyguitars's Anderson/Bulldog NAMM Special left handed guitar album
Tom Anderson Bulldog Movie - YouTube
$4739 list, $4249 MAP. Call for best price.

Suhr Limited Edition Korina Quilt left handed guitar 2/14/13

This is #2 of 40 (the run sold out and this is the only lefty) of this Limited Edition.
Suhr Korina Quilt™ Limited Run Guitars
$6000 list, $4500 MAP. Call for best price.

Suhr Pro S3 Trans Purple left handed guitar 2/14/13

I just realized I forgot to shoot the front closeup of this guitar. I have a bunch of guitars to photograph tomorrow, so I'll get it then.
jerrysleftyguitars's Suhr/Pro S3 Trans Purple album
$3400 list, $2399 my price.

Collings CJ Custom left handed guitar 2/14/13

Collings' gorgeous CJ. First one I've had. I've stocked Collings D1 and D2 for years, and somehow missed out on this guitar. I have a Santa Cruz VS and a Bourgeois Slope D both on their way here now. It will be a slope shoulder shootout!
jerrysleftyguitars's Collings/CJ Custom left handed guitar album
Collings CJ SB Acoustic guitar played by Keith Ganz - YouTube
List $4975,  MAP $4475

Huss & Dalton DS-12 Custom used guitar 2/14/13

This is a mint condition drop shoulder 12 fretter with European Spruce top and a Darkburst. I'm a true believer in this style of dread. $5550 list, $3499 my price.
jerrysleftyguitars's Huss and Dalton/DS-12 Custom Dark Burst used album

Heritage H530 Almond Sunburst left handed guitar 2/14/13

I thought I would have a 530 (hollow body) made with Seth Lover humbuckers instead of the standard P90s. I love the P90s, but the humbuckers are great on this guitar also. At exactly 6 lbs, this is a super lightweight alternative to a semi-hollow at about 8 lbs.
jerrysleftyguitars's Heritage/H150 Goldtop left handed guitar album

Heritage H150 Goldtop left handed guitar 2/14/13

jerrysleftyguitars's Heritage/H150 Goldtop left handed guitar album
Heritage H-150 Gold Top - YouTube
$3600 List, $2349 my price.

Onyx Forge Baritone used left handed guitar 2/14/13

A California Custom Shop, Onyx Forge builds a huge variety of custom instruments.
Onyx Forge Custom Electric Guitars - Home Page
Onyx Forge Baritone Guitar Demo - YouTube
jerrysleftyguitars's Onyx Forge Baritone Custom used left handed guitar album

Trans black 28.6" scale baritone
Korina body with quilted maple top, flamed maple neck & pau ferro fingerboard, abalone/mother of pearl inlays
Nut width 1 3/4", 0.9" deep at the nut, 0.95" deep at 12th fret. 
Flat top, belly contour
Nitrocellulose lacquer
Callaham vintage stamped saddle.
Fralin unbuckers in bridge & neck, fralin vintage hot single coil in middle
5 way blade pickup selector: #1 bridge, #2 bridge & middle, #3 middle, #4 bridge & neck, #5 neck
1 volume, 2 tone controls, momentary kill switch
Unbuckers split to single coil with push pull vol/tone knobs
Laminated bone/brass nut
Electrosocket jack
Unitec flight case
$3200 list, $2000 my price.

Joe Parker Spectre used left handed guitar 2/14/13

Joe Parker Guitars is a custom builder from Austin Texas. Good design and build quality.
Joe Parker Guitars - Original Austin Guitar Designs
jerrysleftyguitars's Joe Parker Spectre Custom left handed guitar album

Eastman T386 Sunburst left handed guitar 2/13/13

The first lefty T386 Sunburst. Eastman has come up with another winner with this guitar. Build quality that rivals the big boys. Finally a nitrocellulose finish on a sub-$2000 guitar. List $1050, my price $749.
jerrysleftyguitars's Eastman/T386 Sunburst left handed guitar album

Eastman E20 OM Sunburst left handed guitar 2/13/13

Eastman's excellent Adirondack/Rosewood OM. All solid woods, bone nut and saddle, 1 3/4" nut, Nitocellulose finish, beautiful sunburst. $1600 List, $1195 my price.
Eastman E20 OM-SB Flat-top Guitar - YouTube
114 Steve E20 OM - YouTube
jerrysleftyguitars's Eastman/E20 OM Sunburst/E20 OM Sunburst 2 left handed guitar album

Phantom Guitarworks Mando Guitar left handed guitar 2/13/13

Now this is a cool instrument. A 12 string octave guitar in left handed. It sounds like a mandolin, plays like as regular 12 string guitar (except for the octave higher). George Harrison played one, so I had to have one. I started talking to Jack Charles of Phantom about 2 years ago (thanks to a recommendation from Elliot Easton). Jack wanted to wait on the leftys until he had more instruments available. So now the first lefty Mando Guitar joins the rest of the line. Check out the video. Go to 9:54 on the video if you just want to hear some excellent sounds. Oh, $999 with hard case.
Phantom Guitarworks Mandoguitar Review - YouTube
jerrysleftyguitars's Phantom Guitarworks/Mando Guitar Sunburst album

Phantom Guitarworks 12 String left handed guitar 2/13/13

The 12 String Phantom. Getting lefty electric 12 strings is always a struggle.
jerrysleftyguitars's Phantom Guitarworks/Phantom 12 String left handed guitar album

Phantom Guitarworks 6 String Custom w/tremolo left handed guitar 2/13/13

jerrysleftyguitars's Phantom Guitarworks/Phantom 6 String Custom Salmon left handed guitar album
This is the 6 string with 3 pickups and tremolo in Salmon (looks pretty red to me!)

Phantom Guitarworks Brian Jones Teardrop left handed guitar 2/13/13

The iconic Brian Jones Teardrop. $999 with Case.
jerrysleftyguitars's Phantom Guitarworks/Brian Jones Teardrop album

Phantom Guitarworks Hollow Teardrop left handed guitar 2/13/13

After a 2 year wait, I'm now able to get lefty Phantom guitars. This is a Custom Hollow Teardrop w/tremolo. This one is already gone....
 jerrysleftyguitars's Phantom Guitarworks/Hollow Teardrop Custom left handed guitar album


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