Hallmark 60 Custom left handed guitar 8/19/13

I'm putting together another order of 12 Hallmark 60 Customs. There will be 3 colors with 4 guitars each (I can also do 16 guitars in 4 colors, etc). We did the Pearl White (above), Surf Pearl, and Sunset Sparkle the last run. Elliot Easton The Cars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is getting the Orange Crate this time, so that will be one of the colors. The other colors are undecided at this time. I only have a few days to make the order deadline or I wait about 6 months for the next run of bodies being made. Hallmark only makes these in righty unless I manufacture the vibratos like last time. I have all the molds, machinery, and expertise to do this much quicker this time. The guitar bodies will be ready in January if the order goes in this week. The guitar (with case) will be $1199 shipped in the US, $1299 shipped to Europe, and $1349 shipped to Australia. If you are interested, call or email with your color choice and we'll see if we can put this together. Here are the color choices:Hallmark Guitars
Hallmark does NOT make these guitars unless I place the order and manufacture the vibratos.


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