Happy new year everyone! 1/1/10

Thank you all who helped me with advice, sales, and good company and conversations this past year. I hope you all have an opportunity to visit my new shop when I finish it this month. Let 2010 be a year of fun, peace, love, and guitar playing.

Photos are done, but so am I for tonight. 11/28/09

Finally photographed 10 instruments today. I'll get them posted tomorrow.
1970 Gibson J50
Martin HD-28V (used, don't know the year yet)
Guild Prestige (1984 or 5 I think)
Suhr Custom Classic Surf Green
Republic Tricone
Republic Uke
Republic Mandolin
Heritage H150 Amberburst
Collings 290 w/Bigsby Antique White
Weber Bitteroot Mandolin

12/22/09 and after 11:00 PM

9 instruments waiting patiently in their boxes, ready to be opened and photographed. I'll attempt to photograph tomorrow if the overcast finally moves on. Very dreary weather here in the sunshine state lately. We are working on the shop while trying to keep up with phone calls, emails, shipping, ordering and all that guitar stuff. NAMM is only 3 weeks away also. We will be doing the second finish coat on the drywall tomorrow, then texturing all the walls on Thursday. Next week will be painting and building a valence for lighting that is continuous on all 120' of showroom walls. Then comes the wood floors which could take 2 weeks if I get crazy with the patterns.

December 17th, 2009??????

Really. The 17th. Already.
We are working on the shop again. 2 storage rooms are drywalled and we are starting on the main room tomorrow. I was so hoping to be done by Christmas, but the guitar business has really intruded on the guitar store building business. Lots of guitars leaving here in the last few weeks.
Not much scheduled to come in right now. I try to schedule as much as possible to arrive in Oct and Nov so I don't have to photograph and spec much in Dec as I get so much email and so many calls. I do have a 1970 Gibson J50, a Martin HD-28, a Weber Bitteroot Mandolin and Jerry Jones Shorthorn Baritone that are here or will be here shortly. I may be photographing this weekend (but I should be working on the shop).

Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Custom (used) 12/1/09

This guitar is used, but you would never know. It was delivered in late Sept of this year and has NO wear. Mint. It has the most beautiful Madagascar Rosewood back and sides. It looks like the sister to a Signature Dread I sold earlier this year. The top is very unusual in that the Adirondack has some bearclaw going on. Brazilian board and headstock overlay. This is hands down the best sounding slope D I've ever heard. Loud and clear.

Anderson Atom Special 12/01/09

Okay, okay, I know, another black lefty. I just thought this particular Anderson in black with the wood binding was gorgeous.

Eastwood Baritone Custom Seafoam Green 12/1/09

A custom run of Eastwood Baritones in Seafoam Green. They only make black or blue rightys in this guitar, so I had a run of leftys in Seafoam made. Baritones are tough to find in lefty.

Eastwood Mandocaster 12/1/09

I had ask Eastwood to make me another run of Mandocasters, but please brighten them up. They added a bit more yellow and red to the Sunbursts. Looks much better. A fun, inexpensive way to give mando playing a shot.

1961 Martin OO-18GL factory left handed 11/14/09

1961 factory lefty Martin Classical. The "G" in OO-18GL stood for "Gut" from the days when animal intestines were used for strings instead of nylon.

Reverend Volcano left handed 11/14/09

Reverend decided they liked the Antique Natural look on the Volcano, so they made them. Now, if they would make it with a Maple board.... Available with 2 Humbuckers or a P90 on the neck pickup. They look identical. The P90 they use fits exactly in the Humbucker space.

Reverend Sensei left handed 11/14/09

Reverends newest leftys. Excellent build quality, lovely necks, great pickups, and I love the locking pin tuners. String changing for the 21st Century.

I planned photos for today. 11/13/09

The weather has not been cooperative for photos until today. Beautiful cool morning with lots of sun. Great fall light for guitar photography. So I get all set up, and a customer arrives. From Argentina. No english. I know no spanish (well, I did know "perro", my dogs, which concerned him somewhat. So I put them away in another room). We started playing electrics. No need to know english or spanish or any other language. Well, he did know "excellent", and he got to play excellent guitars. He played Suhr (why he came), Trussart, Anderson, and Duesenberg. He had been traveling for a couple of days (I think that was what he was telling me with flying and driving motions) and needed sleep, but had never been anywhere he could play lefty guitars like this (he says no leftys in Argentina). He bought a Suhr (S1 Candy Apple Red), but he was smitten by the Trussart Steelcaster I got a couple of weeks ago. He took photos of the guitar, of him with the guitar, and of the two of us with the guitar (his very attractive girlfriend (girls love guys who play guitar!) taking the photos). He wants the Trussart, but it is too dear a price. He left me his card and the name of a friend who lives in Miami who is fluent in english and spanish. Wants me to stay in touch through his friend. Delightful people.
Oh yes, I did not get to photograph guitars today. So tomorrow, unless more delightful people arrive, guitars will be photographed.

Reverend Sixgun (new model) left handed 11/10/09

Reverend continues to impress with this new model. I'll be photographing 2 other models tomorrow.


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