I ordered 10 PRS Custom 22s left handed yesterday.

The guitars will begin production April 1st and should be shipped by June 1st.
I ordered all "10" Tops. I ordered:
3 Black Gold Burst
2 Amber Black
1 Smoked Cherry Burst
1 Fire Red
1 Fire Red Burst
1 Faded Blue Burst
1 Black Gold
6 of the guitars have been reserved since yesterday.

Rickenbacker 660/12 Fireglow left handed (used) 3/17/11

I've been trying to get my hands on one of these for about 7 years now. Finally a Ric 12 that I can play! The 330/12, 360/12, and 370/12 all have 1 5/8" nuts, which is crazy trying to squeeze 12 strings and my fat fingertips into. Now this 1 7/8" gives me plenty of room.

Anderson Hollow Mongrel Trans Black left handed 3/17/11

I wish every lefty could try this guitar. You'd want it.

Campbell American Transitone Sonic Blue left handed 3/17/11

Third Transitone I've got from Campbell American. Can you tell I love Transitones?

Gretsch Silver Falcon left handed (used) 3/17/11

This was a very limited lefty edition that is no longer available.

Collings D2H left handed (used) 3/17/11


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