Duesenberg CC Vintage Orange left handed 7/16/10

On order for over 2 years now. Each time I get a Duesenberg is a surprise. They cannot keep up with righty demand (like Rickenbacher), but (unlike Ric) they still slip a few leftys in each year for me. This is their big (think 335) bodied thinline. A fixture in Nashville session playing. Even Bob Dylan is playing Duesenberg now. No more of these this year (I got 2 of them).

Anderson Drop Top Classic left handed 7/16/10

Always a good day when an Anderson arrives!

Heritage H140 Vintage Sunburst left handed 7/16/10

LP shape and appointments, LP Jr. size and weight from the great craftsmen at Heritage.

Jerry Jones Master Sitar Red Gator, left handed 7/16/10

Like the one George Harrison (we miss you George) so beautifully played.

Second Larrivee RS-2 Trans Amber left handed 7/16/10

Another RS-2 Trans Amber. The first one (and first lefty RS-2 made) has sold.

New shop photos, acoustic side 7/12/10

I finally got the rest of the acoustic guitars up on the wall this morning. Now I can concentrate on the floor of the office and finishing the exterior. I have more decks, trellises, and landscaping to do. Exterior photos will be forthcoming when I'm further along. More photos on my Photobucket account.

New shop photos, acoustic side 7/12/10

New shop is about done! 7/6/10

More photos in my Photobucket account in the" New Shop photos" album. It's been a loooong haul getting this built. Many months of 12/7 to get this (almost) done while attempting to keep the guitar business going and juggle everything else. Lots of unanswered telephones and seriously delayed emails. I apologize to all who have suffered my sometimes single minded determination to get this shop done. I will soon be able to devote myself to getting the best lefty guitars built and on my website and to you in a more expeditious manner. Thank you all for understanding.

I almost forgot, this is the electric side only of the shop. I'll post photos of the acoustic side tomorrow.


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