Left handed Anderson Crowdster 10/31/09

This guitar is kind of hard to believe. It delivers any acoustic sound, from Martin to Taylor, at any volume without feedback. The EQ is right there on the front of the guitar. It looks like a solid body, but plays and sounds like a an acoustic. Fantastic.

Used left handed Fender TC 10/31/09

This is an oddball (but in a interesting way). TCs were never made lefty (imagine that!) so a lefty who really wanted one had a very good luthier convert a righty for him. This involved removing the top of the guitar, hollowing out the other side of the guitar, matching the "f" hole cutout, relocating the controls and new control cutout, making a pickguard, repainting the entire guitar, and a bunch of other stuff I left out. So a double cutaway, hollow tele with reverse headstock and 2 Seymour Duncan P90s.

Used left handed Campbell American Precix 10/31/09

Nice guitar. I want to try out a few of these Campbell Americans.

Used left handed Hagstrom Swede 10/31/09

Seymour Duncan '59 in the bridge, Gibson '57 Classic in the neck. Big improvement over stock pickups.

Guitar arrivals 10/28/09

2 guitars today. A left handed Anderson Crowdster and a left handed Campbell American Precix (used). I hope to get photos tomorrow.

A left handed 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Tobacco Burst.

My first encounter with a Tobacco Burst Custom. One owner, lightly played, very nice condition.

Used left handed G&L ASAT Special 10/26/09

I played a G&L with these pickups for a few years. I love the sound of these big single coils. I have not had the neck off yet to determine the year, but it is a 3 bolt. I'll probably check it on Wednesday.

Peerless Gigmaster Custom left handed thinline 10/25/09

Peerless Gigmaster Custom. Yes, it does look like that famous Gretsch model. Peerless still makes some models for Gretsch.

Peerless Electra left handed thinline 10/25/09

Peerless Electra. Can you tell Peerless makes some Gretsch models for them?

Peerless Songbird left handed thinline 10/25/09

Peerless Songbird. Peerless built all the Epiphone Casinos, Joe Pass, etc, for over 20 years before Epiphone built their own factory in China in 2002 (that's why no lefty Casinos since they were finally sold out in 2004). This is an upgraded (real MOP instead of acrylic, better tuners, etc.) Casino with those wonderful dog ear P90s.

Peerless Renaissance Standard left handed thinline 10/25/09

The Peerless Renaissance Standard.

Peerless OO Sunburst left handed acoustic 10/25/09

A lefty, all solid wood, small bodied guitar under $1000 (case and shipping included). I've been looking for a guitar like this for years. (And a really nice full body burst)

Guitar arrivals 10/24/09

A left handed used 1978 Les Paul Custom, Tobacco Sunburst (don't see that every day), a left handed used Eastman AR810CE, and a left handed used G&L ASAT Classic all arrived today. Lots of photography to do tomorrow.

Trussart Rustycaster White Star/Roses

The last one similar to this was here only a day, so I ordered another so I could have one here for a while.

Suhr Pro S1 Custom Sonic Blue 2 Humbuckers left handed 10/23/09

The first Pro S1 lefty with 2 Humbuckers and Stainless Steel frets.

Suhr Pro S2 Custom Sonic Blue 3 Single Coils left handed 10/23/09

My first Pro Series with 3 Single Coils. Also Stainless Steel frets. I have a Surf Green Pro S2 and Olympic White Pro S1 also coming with this configuration.

Jerry Jones Master Sitar Black Gator, left handed 10/23/09

Now all the colors of the Master Sitar have come here in the last few weeks. Hard to choose (but this Black is beautiful!).

Eastman T184MX Custom Left Handed 10/23/09

This is Eastmans smallest bodied thinline at 14". This is a Custom all Mahogany (instead of Maple top) with MOP block inlays.

Guitar arrivals 10/21/09

The Peerless Guitars are finally here. It turns out that the Customs agents were looking for a couple of things I had not considered, both having to do with counterfeit guitars. 1) They were making sure that the guitars were not counterfeit Gibson's, Gretsch's, etc. 2) Making sure the guitars did not say "made in USA" on them, which would make them more valuable, especially in europe. So I appreciate what Customs is doing. Many of us have seen counterfeit Gibson's (one sold on ebay this week. The listing was for a Les Paul Custom that had a "buy it now" for $800. It was a Chinese copy). I have no problem waiting some extra time for my guitars if it helps ensure counterfeit guitars are stopped at the border.
I also received the Trussart I was expecting and a couple of used guitars in trade. I'll (I sure hope) be photographing guitars tomorrow and putting them on my blog and I'll have them on my website soon.

Hands on the hood and spread 'em!

My Peerless Guitars were subject to a "intensive exam" (their words) by Customs finest today. This delayed my being able to pick them up until tomorrow morning. I'm thinking of the countless movies and TV where the customs agents take knives and cut open the linings of cases. I'm wondering "who pays for that?" I think everything is mostly by xray and sniffer dogs these days, and I won't walk into the Customs warehouse to find case linings strewn all over and my guitars in pile on the floor and a Customs agent saying "you can take them now, we didn't find anything that wasn't supposed to be there".

Guitar arrivals 10/19/09

2 Jerry Jones Master Sitars arrived today. A Black Gator and another Turquoise Gator. All my Peerless are at Customs in Tampa and I hope to get a call that I can pick them up tomorrow. Other guitars that are in route to me are a used G&L ASAT, a used Eastman AR810CE, and a 1978 Les Paul Custom Tobacco Burst. Only one of these I've seen in this color. Most are Black, White, or Wine Red. I'll be photographing the Sitars and the Peerless tomorrow if all goes well.
I ordered 5 more Suhr today and I'm figuring out more to order. I ordered the first Pro Series Modern, called M1 in Charcoal Web. I'll be ordering more Moderns this week as I have time to figure out what I want. I will be ordering the first lefty Carve Top Modern.

Guitar arrivals and soon to arrive. 10/17/09

A couple of more Suhrs are here (I ordered a bunch of them). A Pro S1 Sonic Blue (that's the Rosewood neck) and a Pro S2 Sonic Blue with S/S/S instead of the usual S/S/H. This is another option recently made available by Suhr on the Pro series guitars like the addition of Stainless Steel frets on ALL the Suhrs I receive.
A Trussart Rustycaster similar to the one I recently sold will be here next week. Faded Star on engraved roses with Bigsby. These Trussarts are just the coolest guitars.
My Peerless Guitar order will be at Customs on Monday or Tuesday. I'm looking forward to getting them here and photographed and on my site. Wait until you see these guitars. Wait until you see the great price.
I ordered guitars this week from:
Composite Acoustics
Jerry Jones
I'll fill you in later on what was ordered.

The shop building came to halt on Thursday when Lee was admitted to the hospital with blood clots in his leg and then found in his lungs. He hopes to be out next Tuesday if all goes well, but no idea yet when he can return to working with me. I'm not going to try and install drywall and slatwall by myself just yet. If Lee is unable to help by about Wednesday, I'll start back by myself.


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