Teye Fox Aquamarine left-hand guitar 1/11/21

For those who thought the Super Coyote was too ornate, Teye scaled back the engraved metal and exposed more of the wood top on the Fox. Spectacular electronics. The most fun you'll have on an electric guitar. I love this aquamarine. $3495
Weight: 8.2 lbs
Condition: New


Gretsch 6136T Players Edition White Falcon left-hand guitar 1/11/21

Neil Young and Stephen Stills are probably the best know players, but the Clash, The Cult, Stray Cats, and many others found the iconic sound suited them well. $3799
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Condition: New


Gretsch 6128 Players Edition Duo Jet Black left-hand guitar 1/11/21

The LP alternative. Thickness when you want it, without any muddiness. And a Bigsby! $2699.
Weight: 8.6 lbs
Condition: New


LsL T Bone Custom Vintage Butterscotch left-hand guitar 1/11/21

Maple neck, Sugar pine body. Heavily lacquer checked, medium relic. Lance named this one "Cristiana". $3500  list, $2450 my price.
Weight: 6.9 lbs
Condition: New, medium relic


LsL Saticoy One B Lake Placid Blue Metallic left-hand guitar 1/11/21

Lake Placid blue with tortoise pickguard looks great. Roasted maple neck, stainless steel frets. Only 7.1 lbs. $3100 list, $2170 MAP.
Weight:7.1 lbs
Condition: New


LsL Saticoy One B Desoto Blue left-hand guitar 1/11/21

For those who like the nickel cover on the humbucker. Roasted Maple neck, stainless steel frets. $3100 list, $2170 MAP.
Weight: 7.3 lbs
Condition: New, light relic


2020 Gibson Crimson Custom Shop '58 Les Paul Special One Piece Koa left-hand guitar 12/19/2020

Really one of a kind from the Crimson Custom Shop (they only do one of a kind and artist guitars). A one piece Koa body and striped ebony neck. Big ol' '50s neck. You'll never see another. Sounds a little spankier than the mahogany version. $4400.
Weight: 8.4 lbs
Condition: 9.9 mint


Teye Apache left-hand guitar 12/19/2020

My all time favorite Teye is the Apache. Nothing else looks like it, nothing else can sound like it. $4895 list, $4395 my price.
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Condition: New


2006 Fender American Stratocaster 3 Tone Burst left-hand guitar 12/19/2020

Very nice condition American Strat. $949.
Weight: 7.8 lbs
Condition: 9.7 one small dent, one lacquer check.


Pre-War Dreadnought left-hand guitar 12/19/2020

I am constantly amazed at how these guitars sound. I rarely play dreads, but I sure loved playing this one. $4995. Sold.
Condition: New, aged finish



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