Shop in Sarasota is permanently closed. I'm in Tennessee and building a shop.

A quick update. 

I'm in Tennessee building a new shop and house on 50 acres. It was a tough winter here with temps 5 below zero over Christmas. It rained steadily for 6 days in one stretch with rain at least a couple of times a week every week since the middle of November. Makes it impossible for construction equipment to operate on the property as the ground is too soft and everyone gets stuck (three different rock haulers in one morning got stuck and it took two chained together to pull one out).

I brought 240 guitars with me and they are in climate controlled storage. I've had about 50 shipped to me here and I'll post a list of what has come in on the "New Arrivals" in the next few days. I am accepting orders and shipping guitars. I'm not set up for photography yet. 

My webmaster was in an accident in November and informed me a couple of weeks ago that she will be unable to work and I should find someone else to take over the website. I'm actively doing that now.

Power back on, back in business!

 No damage to the house or shop. Busted up trees everywhere. Wind topped out at about 120 mph here. Over 100 mph for most of one day. 14" to 18" of rain. The shop is protected so well by oak trees that it was pretty calm standing on the front porch at the height of the hurricane. A great blue heron spent the night of the hurricane on the porch. Twenty two black belly whistler ducks flew in for a late lunch while it was blowing over 100 mph. I could hardly walk in that wind and they were flying!

A visit by hurricane Ian.

 We will be closed Wed, Thurs, and Friday due to hurricane Ian making a visit that will likely cause power failure and flooding here for a few days (no power for five days last time).

Boucher BG-52-G Torrefied Adirondack/Rosewood Dreadnought #236 left hand guitar 9/14/22

Torrefied Adi top and braces over Indian rosewood. Everything you'd ever want in a big, bluegrass dreadnought. 
$5469 list, $4495 my price.
Condition: New


Boucher JP Cormier Torrefied Adirondack/Rosewood 000 cutaway #049 left hand guitar9/14/22

12 Fret 000 cutaway. Maybe the perfect acoustic? Sold. 
Condition: New


2015 Malinoski Mando Moon #246 left hand mandolin 9/14/22

The only lefty Mando Moon made. Mint condition. $1600 new, my price $1050.
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Condition: 9.9 no dents, dings, or scratches.


Duesenberg Starplayer TV Black #885 left hand guitar 9/14/22

Still one of the best guitars you can ever get in one of the best cases (Ameritage) you can get. $3045
Weight: 7.8 lbs
Condition: New


Collings I35 LC Deluxe Merlot #838 left hand guitar 9/14/22

Just about everything a guitar can be, and then some more. Sold.
Weight: 7.6 lbs
Condition: New


2001 Epiphone Sheraton Blonde #271 left hand guitar 9/14/22

One of the few blonde leftys. Sold.
Weight: 8.7 lbs
Condition: 9.9 no dents, dings, or scratches.


LsL Carl Verheyen (CV) Special CV Blue #898 left hand guitar 9/14/22

I was introduced to Carl Verheyen and LsL guitars at the same NAMM show about 6 years ago. Guitar magazine named him one of the Top 10 Guitarists in the World. This is his signature model. Check out his videos on his website. He mostly plays his LsL Saticoys live and in his session work.$2949.
Weight: 7.5 lbs
Condition: New relic


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