Goodall Curly Koa Concert Jumbo left handed 8/20/10

A listen is worth a thousand words. Extraordinary.

Rickenbacker 620/6 Jetglow (2005) left handed 8/20/10

Un-played condition. Not a mark on it. Case is perfect also.

Taylor 712CE (2004) left handed, used 6/30/10

Taylors best body shape. Mint condition.

Collings 290 Rootbeer left handed 8/20/10

Collings newest color for a 290. Great looking guitar.

Cole Clark FL2AC left handed 8/20/10

Jack Johnson's weapon of choice, the FL2AC. First one I've received in a looong time. Looks like no more for a long time also. The usual reason of rightys using the available production.

Jerry Jones Baritone left handed 8/16/10

Jerry Jones Baritone 3 pickup in Copper. Oh the tone....

Larrivee L-02 left handed 8/16/10

Larrivee made a very small run of L-02 guitars. One of things that was going to make it a less expensive 02 instead of 03 was a 3 piece neck instead of the usual 1 piece. Came with a 1 piece neck. Hmmmm. So a new Larrivee L and case for only $899.


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