Guitar arrivals 9/24/09

I had a Fender '68 reissue (CIJ) strat come in today. A Santa Cruz Model '29 should be here tomorrow. I'll get them both photographed this weekend. Working on the shop.......

Guitar arrivals 9/19/09

3 guitars came in yesterday. A Bourgeois OM Short Scale Mahogany/Adirondack, a Composite Acoustics Legacy Red Tribal RT, and a Jerry Jones Master Sitar in Turquoise Gator. I'll have photos maybe tomorrow.
We worked on the shop more this last week once the flood receded. Another week and we will have the exterior done (including the extra 300 Sq Ft) and maybe the interior complete enough to start the wood floors. I will probably wait until mid October to really do much work on the floor. I need for the humidity to make a big drop before installing or finishing the floors and I don't want to do either of those things with the doors and windows closed and the AC on. I need fresh air for those jobs.

It's Sunday night dude, you should not be working! 9/13/09

8 or 9 inches of rain fell yesterday. That made it too dark to photograph guitars, so I photographed 10 guitars today. I'm just posting the Eastmans tonight and I'll post the Huss & Dalton TD-M/Adi Custom, the Minarik Goddess (used), Larrivee SD-60 (used), and the Anderson Cobra tomorrow. Photos for all are on Photobucket. Remember to click on the appropriate album on the left column on the Photobucket account.
Speaking of 8 inches of rain, the shop foundation is completely surrounded by at least 6 inches of water. The creek has grown from about 8 feet wide and a couple of feet deep to about 300 wide and 6 to 8 feet deep. There has been a 4 foot gator menacing my cats lately (I'm gonna catch that sucker) that I hope gets swept down stream. In 11 years, I've seen otters, snakes, turtles, and of course fish in the creek, but until this year, no gators. I've seen a 7 footer strolling down the street and a 10 footer in the slough that feeds the creek, but no gators on the property until now.
My floor is 20 inches higher than the flood, but no working on the shop exterior tomorrow! We were going to get the added 300 sq ft buttoned up tomorrow, but that's not happening.

Eastman AC420 Left Handed 9/13/09

The first lefty dread from Eastman. The price is GREAT on these 400 Series guitars.

Eastman AJ815 Left Handed 9/13/09

I've waited 21 months for this guitar! The first archback Eastman lefty. Small Jumbo in size, BIG sound. I prefer these to a dread for sound and comfort of playing.

Eastman T185MX Left Handed 9/13/09

The T185MX is 1" smaller body than the T186MX. Nice size. More like the Heritage Prospect size.

Eastman AC512CE Left Handed 9/13/09

My first Eastman flattop with factory pickup.

Eastman AR810CE Left Handed 9/13/09


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