Collings MF left handed 7/30/11

Is there a better contemporary mandolin than the Collings MF? No.

Gibson Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Santa Fe Sunrise 2004 left handed 7/30/11

I remember the Limited Editions back in 2004. This and the Pacific Reef Blue and the Midnight Blue. I liked this color the best. Great top!

Santa Cruz D-12 Fret left handed 7/30/11

After loving all the pre war dreads and OMs that Santa Cruz has made for me the last 4 years, I decided to try this D-12 fret. What a sweet sounding guitar. Another way for mahogany to enthrall me.

Martin D-28 left handed 1974 7/30/11

Great sounding 37 year old D-28. Excellent action and easy playing. This one is ready to go!

Reverend Club King RT left handed 7/30/11

They arrived. Even better than I expected (and I had high expectations).

Fender Vintage '52 Tele left handed (used) 7/30/11

Brand new condition. No play wear.

Collings O2H left handed 7/30/11

Another Mighty Mite!

Jerry Jones Baritone w/Bigsby left handed 7/24/11

Jerry Jones retired last April and sold all his equipment. No more Longhorns, Guitarlins, Shorthorns, Sitars, or Baritones. Only 2 Baritones ever made lefty w/Bigsbys (of which this is obviously one). Only 8 Baritone leftys total. He made thousands of righty instruments and far less than a hundred leftys, almost all for me. Most of you never got to even try one. It's a loss for us all.

Bourgeois Small Jumbo Country Boy left handed 7/24/11

Bourgeois' splendid mahogany Small Jumbo. I think this is going to be yours Greg.

Carvin AE-185 Hollow all Koa 12 string left handed (used) 7/24/11

Very unusual to find an all Koa lefty 12 string. Carvin does not even offer this as a Koa body any more, only Koa top. Only a 12 can sound like this.

Collings 360 Solid Mahogany (used) left handed 7/24/11

This 2 year old 360 is the very first lefty 360 ever made.

Larrivee OMV-05E left handed (used) 7/24/11

Nice.  Mahogany OMV with factory electronics.

Larrivee D-03 left handed (used) 7/24/11

Excellent older (you can tell by the clear pickguard and Mahogany instead of Sapele) D-03.

Reverend Club King RT left handed 7/24/11

I've been trying to get Reverend to make these for 20 months. At last! They will be here the end of next week.

Blackbird Luck 13 left handed 7/24/11

The first lefty Blackbird Lucky 13s will be shipping to me the end of next week. The sail around the world, climb Mt Everest, cross the Sahara Desert, canoe the Amazon River, fight off zombies, serenade Aphrodite, dip water from the fountain of youth guitar we've all been waiting for.

Anderson Hollow Drop T Classic left handed 7/19/11

Two Anderson Ts on the same day makes for a great day at Jerry's Lefty Guitars. This a hollow body (6.4 lbs) with body contours  and humbuckers, so not your traditional tele, but a great new tradition all it's own.

Anderson Hollow T Rosewood left handed 7/19/11

The George Harrison Tribute Tele. With a hollow body (5.9 lbs!) and Chocolate Maple neck, it looks like the tele George played on the roof, but it does not weigh a ton and plays like all Andersons, fantastic!

PRS Custom 22 Black Gold left handed 7/9/11

The second of ten PRS has arrived. Black Gold is the color. Really gorgeous. Hey Dave, great color choice! On it's way to you monday.


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