Gibson SG 1980 left handed 1/29/11

A recent trade from Antigua in very good condition.

Fender Precision Bass 1991 left handed 1/29/11

Excellent condition 20 year old P Bass with Hipshot. Original tuner and Tortoise pickguard also included. It comes in a metal case that looks like a military ammo box.

Kramer 450B Bass from the '70s left handed 1/29/11

First of these lefty, '70s Aluminum neck Kramer Basses I've seen. Very Cool.

Republic Tricone Etched/Polished Nickel left handed 1/29/11

Mint condition used guitar with an added pickup.

Fender Standard Strat 1990 USA left handed 1/29/11

Eastman MD615 Sunburst Left Handed 1/29/11

Kala Tenor Cutaway w/electronics left handed 1/29/11

Mahogany/Spruce w/electronics

Republic Resonator Uke left handed 1/29/11

Polished Nickel Resonator Uke. Real tuners, real loud.

Jerry Jones Baritone w/Bigsby left handed 1/26/11

Jerry Jones is retiring and closing his shop in about 3 months. He is only building 100 more guitars before closing. Some of these will be the last lefty Sitars, Baritones, Guitarlins, Shorthorns, etc to be built. I hate to see this happen. A lefty friendly USA manufacturer of really cool instruments does not come along every day. I wish Jerry well, he is a great guy, but I'm sure wanting someone to buy his shop and continue his business. If I lived in Tennessee, I'd be trying to make it happen.

Eastman John Pisano left handed (used) 1/26/11

Eastman's wonderful, small bodied John Pisano jazz guitar. Here's John giving it a go:

Blackbird Luck 13

Sorry I don't have a full size photo of this guitar, but I won't have them until about 3 months from now. This is an all carbon fiber small body lefty. 13 frets to the body (hence the "Lucky 13" name), 1 3/4" nut, 24 3/4" scale, stainless steel frets, and a body size between a 0 and a 00. Blackbird calls it 0+.
These will be the first leftys Blackbird has ever made, and the first lefty small body carbon fiber guitar ever made. I tried for a couple of years to get Composite Acoustics to make one, to no avail. Here is a article from Premier Guitar:

Gibson SG 1969 left handed 1/9/11

All original (except the case) 1969 SG.

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1972 left handed 1/9/11

This great old LP came in to fund the purchase of the PRS McCarty that was on the blog last month.

Suhr Pro S3 Caramel left handed 1/9/10

I love the interesting, tight flame on this top.

Eastwood Baritone left handed 1/9/11

I found one more of these Eastwood Baritones that I had made while doing inventory. So that's why you do inventory!

Cole Clark FL2AC left handed 1/9/11

My favorite working musicians performance guitar.

Cole Clark FL1A 12 string left handed 1/9/11

Cole Clark managed to get me 2 more leftys a couple of days before the 2010 ended. That made for a total of 4 guitars they got me last year. When rightys get behind in production, leftys always suffer.

Weber Absaroka Mandolin (used) left handed 1/9/11

Weber Absaroka in excellent condition.


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