Eastman flattops arrive 7/31/09

3 Eastman acoustics arrived today. AC512C, Ac612C, and Ac712c. I'm hoping to get photos tomorrow. Also a very cool 1997 Guild (Westerly RI) JF-30 12 string in BLACK arrived today. I've never seen one of these in black. It just looks too cool. Photos tomorrow. A Suhr Pro S4 in Trans Black was shipped from California today. It is a curly maple top, not flame or quilt. One of a kind, never been done in the Pro series or likely to be done again. Can't wait to see it. They said my 2 Custom Classic Ts should be ready next week. One in Straw and one in Mary Kay White.

Duesenberg photos.

Duesenberg photos. Email for the high res photos if you want them before the guitar is posted on my site.

Duesenberg has arrived!! 7/29/09

I almost don't believe I'm actually holding a lefty Duesenberg Starplayer in my hand. The new tremolo that caused the 1 1/2 year delay in production is beautiful and works wonderfully. Dieter (Duesenberg owner) completely redesigned the moving parts of the tremolo so it now works for righty and lefty tremolos with a few screws changing position. Brillant. Photos to follow!

Jerry Jones Guitars ordered 7/28/09

I ordered 3 Jerry Jones guitars yesterday. He is making leftys available on most of his models again after only making rightys the last few years. I ordered a Baritone in Copper, a Master Sitar in Red Gator, and a Short Horn in Black (I know, but he, Mr. Jones himself, said to make it black, they are the most in demand). Sitar will be here in 2 weeks, the other 2 in 4 weeks.

New look for website 7/28/09

If your reading this, you have probably already seen the new format for my website. We have set it up for the larger screen size that has become common. Also changed the photos to one photo instead of 4 with buttons on the top to see the 4 larger photos. We shaded the alternate lines on the specs to more easily follow lines across. I hope some time in August to be adding videos to all new guitars and then to existing guitars. We will be playing about a 2 minute video of each guitar being played with chords, single notes, strumming, picking, and fingerpicking. We will play the same routine on each guitar so they can be compared by sound. The electrics will have each pickup position played and the electronics demonstrated. This will be completely new territory for me, so feel free to offer suggestions and comments on what you would like to see.

Photos of the 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom lefty 7/24/09

I took photos of a few guitars today. I'll post this one tonight and add more tomorrow when I have time. There is a full set of photos of this guitar on my photobucket account in the Gibson folder (alphabetical on the left after you open the photobucket account)
Yikes, the days are flying by and I'm not getting my guitars on my site yet. I REALLY plan to photograph tomorrow. I have 2 Eastman mandolins, the 1976 Gibson Custom, a Trayser Custom (made in Austria, first lefty ever made), an ESP 7 string, and some other guitars I can't remember right now. So, photographs tomorrow.
Duesenberg is shipping me 2 Starplayers tomorrow. 1 1/2 year wait for these. I think they will be worth the wait.
Eastman is shipping me 3 flattops tomorrow, a lefty AC512C, a lefty AC612C, and a lefty AC712C.

1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom (black) arrives.

I'll have photos of a '76 Gibson LP Custom tomorrow. Very good condition. The binding is REALLY yellowed, otherwise excellent condition.

Mint PRS Custom 22 arrives 7/18/09

Unplayed left handed 1999 PRS Custom 22. Very Nice! SORRY, SOLD!

Composite Acoustics Lefty Legacy and 12 String. 7/14/09

Composite Acoustics left handed Legacy and 12 String arrive. I'll photograph tomorrow. They sound and play great!

Tim and Timmy pedals sold out. 7/11/09

I sold out my entire shipment of pedals as soon as I opened today. I'm trying to get more sooner than the many months wait I had for the last shipment. I'm keeping a list of all those who wanted pedals and did not get them.

Bourgeois announces new models 7/10/09

Dana Bourgeois has been busy. He has built 4 new models this month. I will be getting a OO, O, and the new SJ later on this year. Thank you Dana!

Tim and Timmy Pedals being shipped 7/10/09

Paul Cochrane just got my order of Tim and Timmy pedals in the mail. I should have them about next Tuesday.

New arrivals today 7/7/09

Today an Anderson Classic in Baby Blue and 2 Rock Basses came in. I'll photograph them tomorrow and post them on the blog. I hope my Peerless Guitar order will be finalized tomorrow and I will be adding Peerless Guitars and Boucher Guitars to my store. I'm working on the Boucher order for tomorrow also. Boucher is a supplier of Adirondack (red) Spruce to Martin, Bourgeois, and most of the fine boutique builders in this country. They build really good guitars, all with Adirondack tops, at a great price. I should have 4 guitars from them in the next 2 months.
Also, my Duesenbergs will start arriving shortly. There are a few in customs right now that I hope to see them by the first of next week. It has been an 18 month wait. I think they will be worth it!
I'm supposed to have my first Composite Acoustics guitar this week. It will be the Rt 12 string. I'll photograph everything as it comes in and you'll see it first on this blog.


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