Duesenberg Starplayer TV left handed 8/27/11

First leftys made in 17 months (two came in). I expect it may be that long again for the next two (though I hope not).

PRS Custom 22 Platinum 2004 (used) left handed 8/27/11

Only 2 of these made lefty back in 2004 on a special order. I don't know if a righty has ever been made this color.
Custom 22 Platinum 2004 pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

PRS Custom 22 Amber Black left handed 8/27/11

Custom 22 Amber Black pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

PRS Custom 22 Black Gold #2 left handed 8/27/11

Custom 22 Black Gold 2 pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Huss & Dalton 00-SP left handed 8/27/11

A small bodied delight from my friends at Huss& Dalton.
00-SP pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Heritage H535 Antique Natural 1999 left handed (used) 8/27/11

Excellent condition 535 with added coil split for both humbuckers. Lefty CTS pots also added.
H535 1999 Antique Natural pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Fender American Standard Strat 2004 (used) left handed 8/27/11

Excellent condition 2004 USA Strat with Seymour Duncan Little '59 stacked humbuckers and Vintage Rail. Original pickups included.
American Standard Strat 2004 pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

Gibson Custom Shop J-200 Vintage Cherry (used) left handed 8/24/11

Bet you haven't seen one of these in this color in a lefty. I hadn't until yesterday.

Gibson CJ-165 Tobacco Burst (used) left handed 8/24/11

Superb condition small jumbo. One of Gibson's best size guitars.

1970 Gibson J50 left handed 8/24/11

A neck reset, new bridge (the adjustable ones just sucked the tone right out of these), stainless steel frets (all guitar should have them), and the bracing tweaked have all made this one of the best sounding Gibson's I've ever heard. 41 years old and way better than ever.


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