Jerry Jones Baritone Shorthorn left handed 3/31/10

This is a color (Silver Metallic) that is not on Jerry Jones color list. I ask if he could do it and he said "sure". He does not do special order colors ordinarily but just happened to have the very color I wanted. This looks just like a '64 Mercedes Benz color (Brilliant Silver) that I painted my (motorcycle) race bikes.

Cole Clark left handed Lapdog lapsteel 3/31/10

The very first lefty Lapdog. I ordered it 14 months ago. I hope I have some time to mess with it this weekend. Looks like it will be fun.

Suhr Pro M1 Charcoal Web left handed 3/14/10

First lefty M1 made. Great color and texture. Purple Haze color coming next.

2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard 3/14/10


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