2000 Fender American Standard Telecaster 3 Tone Burst left handed guitar 6/28/18

The iconic Tele. Excellent condition. $1399 street price, $1049 my price.
Weight: 8.2 lbs.
Condition: 9.5  A few tiny dings.
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2017 Fender Custom Shop Postmodern Stratocaster Aged Olympic White left handed guitar 6/28/18

Fender says these guitars are the culmination of 60 years of what makes a great Strat. Not your Standard Strat, that's for sure. $3750 street price, $2850 my price.
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Condition: New relic
More photos.
Specs from Fender.
YouTube demo.

Airline '59 Town & Country Deluxe Vintage White left handed guitar 6/28/18

There are just some guitars that you you have to play. Street price $1299 + $189 hardcase = $1488,
used price $999.
Weight: 7.3
Condition: 9.9 (plastic still on pickguard)
More photos.
Taking it for a spin on YouTube.

2017 Fender Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature Journeyman Relic left handed guitar 6/28/18

Custom Shop Clapton Signature with full Clapton electronics. $5100 street price, $3749 my price.
Weight: 7.7 lbs
Condition: 2017 Relic
More photos.
Electronics demo.

Eastman MD615 Classic left handed mandolin 6/27/18

Perfect condition MD615. $1359 street, $999 used price.
Condition: 9.9
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Blackbird Lucky 13 left handed guitar 6/27/18

Blackbird has stopped making the Lucky 13 so they can concentrate on building the El Capitan and Savoy. Unfortunately, the Savoy will never be made lefty, so we are out of Luck getting small guitars from Blackbird any longer. This one has the soundport and built in pickup. $2135 list, used price $1695.
Condition: 9.9 (and impervious to anything!)
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Takamine FP360S left handed guitar 6/27/18

Great condition Takamine acoustic/electric. $849
Condition: 9.8
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1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Burst left handed guitar 6/27/18

Bought in Greenwich Village in the mid '80s. It's been played!! Dents and dings and scratches and lettering for open G tuning on the side.  Very cool guitar. Wolftone pickups installed. $1799.
Weight: 10.2 lbs
Condition: 7.9
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1975 Martin D35 left handed guitar 6/27/18

Superb 43 year old Martin D35. Not dented, dinged, or scratched, but the top has lots of fine lacquer checking. $2550.
Condition: 8.7
More photos.

2007 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe left handed guitar 6/27/18

Excellent condition sitka/rosewood Gibson Dreadnought. Factory pickup with controls you reach inside the edge of the sound hole. Good straight neck and great action. $1975.
Condition: 9.5
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