Larrivee P-05MT left handed 5/26/10

Talk about lost doggies! I ordered this guitar more than 2 years ago. Larrivee seemed to keep losing the order. I got other guitars I ordered from them in a timely manner, but this one somehow vanished from emails and fell off lists. A few months back I started ordering electrics from them (I think it is up to 6 ordered) and now I get this guitar and the P-03 and OO-03 special orders from almost a year ago.
The Mahogany on this guitar looks almost like Koa. It has that 3D depth and shimmer that you see in fine Koa. Exceptionally nice guitar.

1947 Gene Autry Cowboy guitar left handed 5/21/10

I had to buy this so there was something in the new shop older than me! We got the new electrical service wire run and the AC installed in the shop. The AC guy was supposed to get it started up last friday. Have not seen nor heard from him. I'll be looking for someone else on Monday.
We decided to completely finish the second storage room ( I was going to do that after I was in the shop), but realized trying to keep dust off 150 guitars was not something I wanted to do. So we have a couple of more days on the storage room, then a week left to go on the hardwood floor. So it seems possible I will be in there in 2 weeks. Of course, I thought that 2 months ago!

Larrivee OO-03 left handed 5/21/10

This OO-03 is not a normal production guitar for Larrivee.

Larrivee P-03 left handed 5/21/10

Suhr Pro S2 Custom Sonic Blue SSS left handed 5/21/10

2000 Taylor 310 left handed 5/21/10


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