Gibson Les Paul Jr (used) reissue left handed 9/26/10

Custom Shop Historic series. Big old '50s neck. Superb player.

Bourgeois OO Custom Sunburst left handed 9/26/10

The first OO lefty by Dana Bourgeois. I'll have the first lefty O in a few months. Love these small body guitars.

Larrivee D-02 left handed 9/26/10

New Larrivee dread and case for less than $900.

Hofner 1968 500/1 Beatle Bass left handed 9/23/10

Good condition 1968 Hofner. The "Hofner" is still on the pickguard. Usually worn off on the older basses like this one. Paul continues to use his live and on his recordings.

Fender 1959 Bassman (not a reissue)

I don't post amps on my blog as a rule, but this is a worthy exception. It is a real 1959 Fender Bassman. It came in with the lefty 1961 Fender Strat I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Collings D1 left handed 9/15/10

Sitka/Mahogany with 1 3/4" nut and Vintage Now neck.

David Webber OM left handed 9/15/10

Cedar top, Pau Ferro back and sides. Beautiful OM.

Taylor Dan Crary Signature Model (2000) left handed 9/15/10

Some at Taylor say this is the only lefty made in the 14 year run of this guitar. I've never seen another.

Eastman MD815 Sunburst Left Handed 9/15/10

Website update coming in a couple of days.

We are in the process of completely redoing every page of my website. It will be substantially complete Monday night (we think). We are updating everything to be able to make changes more easily and getting ready to add audio/video in the coming months. I want to make this the best website in the world for lefty guitarists.

Gretsch Brian Setzer left handed 9/4/10

I'm now the newest Gretsch, Fender Custom Shop, and EVH dealer. I've got these 5 Gretsches and more coming soon (my very first great electric guitar was a Gretsch, so I'm really happy). My EVH leftys are supposed to be being built right now. Fender Custom Shop orders will be placed after some more study.

Gretsch 125th Anniversary left handed 9/4/10

Gretsch has delivered a great new color for the 125th Anniversary this year. Jaguar Tan top and Green Gold back and sides. TV Jones pickups. I love this guitar.

Gretsch White Falcon left handed 9/4/10

The Gretsch flagship.

Gretsch Tennessee Rose Burgundy left handed 9/4/10

George Harrison. Shea Stadium. Thank you Gretsch.

Gretsch 6120 Orange left handed 9/4/10

Jerry Jones Guitarlin left handed 9/4/10

2 1/2 Octaves of guitar. 31 frets. You can play this sucker all the way up that neck. Capo on the 12th fret will get you mandolin sound. One of the more interesting guitars I've played.

Fender 1961 Strat (used) left handed 9/4/10 NOT a reissue

Too Cool.

Fender '57 RI Strat (used) left handed 9/4/10


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