Suhr Pro S4 Fireburst left handed 12/27/10

Lightest weight Suhr I've had here yet at exactly 7 lbs.

Suhr Pro S3 Whale Blue left handed 12/27/10

Suhr Custom Classic left handed 12/27/10

Beautiful 3 Tone Alder. Vulcanized Maple neck.

Eastwood RS-II left handed 12/27/10

Eastwood's Roy Smeck 2. Similar to the '50s Kay guitars. Hollow body arched back with big single coils and 26" scale. I ordered 12 with 10 pre-sold. Only leftys ever made. Elliot Easton is getting one.

PRS McCarty w/Birds left handed 12/18/10

Hard to tell it is not new. First run from 1999.

Fender Nocaster '51RI left handed 12/18/10

Very few of these made. Even fewer leftys.

Grosh Retro Classic Custom left handed 12/18/10

Very customized Retro. Mint.

Rainsong DR1000 left handed 12/18/10

Mint condition. I don't believe Rainsong has made a run of leftys in a few years now.

Paul McGill Classical left handed 12/18/10

Paul McGill Custom Classical (so this is where Baden got the idea for his A Style). Earl Klugh plays the same model.


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