I planned photos for today. 11/13/09

The weather has not been cooperative for photos until today. Beautiful cool morning with lots of sun. Great fall light for guitar photography. So I get all set up, and a customer arrives. From Argentina. No english. I know no spanish (well, I did know "perro", my dogs, which concerned him somewhat. So I put them away in another room). We started playing electrics. No need to know english or spanish or any other language. Well, he did know "excellent", and he got to play excellent guitars. He played Suhr (why he came), Trussart, Anderson, and Duesenberg. He had been traveling for a couple of days (I think that was what he was telling me with flying and driving motions) and needed sleep, but had never been anywhere he could play lefty guitars like this (he says no leftys in Argentina). He bought a Suhr (S1 Candy Apple Red), but he was smitten by the Trussart Steelcaster I got a couple of weeks ago. He took photos of the guitar, of him with the guitar, and of the two of us with the guitar (his very attractive girlfriend (girls love guys who play guitar!) taking the photos). He wants the Trussart, but it is too dear a price. He left me his card and the name of a friend who lives in Miami who is fluent in english and spanish. Wants me to stay in touch through his friend. Delightful people.
Oh yes, I did not get to photograph guitars today. So tomorrow, unless more delightful people arrive, guitars will be photographed.

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