New shop is about done! 7/6/10

More photos in my Photobucket account in the" New Shop photos" album. It's been a loooong haul getting this built. Many months of 12/7 to get this (almost) done while attempting to keep the guitar business going and juggle everything else. Lots of unanswered telephones and seriously delayed emails. I apologize to all who have suffered my sometimes single minded determination to get this shop done. I will soon be able to devote myself to getting the best lefty guitars built and on my website and to you in a more expeditious manner. Thank you all for understanding.

I almost forgot, this is the electric side only of the shop. I'll post photos of the acoustic side tomorrow.


  1. Very cool! What does it look like outside? Pink Flamingos? I think you built everyone's dream guitar room. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow Jerry!!! It looks absolutely fantastic! I've been following your blog from afar (UK) since you started on this journey and you really must be so proud of the end result - if not a little relieved and weary. :-) You really have done all us lefties proud!
    Very best wishes, LindaLoo


    Thanks again for all you do for the lefties in the world!

    Don Burris



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