Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet left handed guitar 9/30/11

Part of my reason for becoming a Gretsch dealer was to get Gretsch to make more models available in lefty. They stock a huge number of righty models, but the lefty selection is meager. The Tim Armstrong hollow body was their first Electronmatic lefty ever. This is their second. $749 with OHS case. I should have this guitar in black next week. The next models I'm pushing for are Electromatic Corvettes and double cut hollowbodies. I'm also expecting left handed Gretsch Silver Falcons next year.
Electromatic Pro Jet pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket


  1. I am a lefty and I dont want to be a spoil sport, but do you know, or anticipate that Gretsch will come out with a 5210 or 5211 that is lefthanded? As far as I can tell, the only 5000 series Gretsch that is hollow body or semi-hollow body is the Tim Armstrong. Am I correct?

    I am your age, starting to play guitar after a gazillion years, and I want a hollow body LH guitar but my budget - actually my wife - will not allow me to spend what it would take for a 6000 series - or even an Armstrong.

    Any hope for me?

  2. I'm trying to get Gretsch to make lefty 5120 and /5122s. The problem is they do not make lefty import Bigsby's, and never will (the cost to make the dies for casting is too expensive for the limited number of guitars they would be able to sell). I'm still working on a solution with import bodies and USA Bigsby's.
    I will be having more Peerless hollowbodies made this winter. Check the "sold" guitar section of my website to see models from my last order. I'll be getting the Songbird, Renaissance, and new models in the next order.



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