Gibson J-185 2004 left handed guitar 12/2/11

Another excellent condition Gibson acoustic in the shop. All the recent Gibson acoustics I've had here has convinced me to become an Authorized Gibson Acoustic dealer. I'll be working on an order over the holidays. I'll be ordering between 12 and 15 acoustics. They will make (somewhat grudgingly I have to say, they don't even have SKU numbers for leftys, they have to be "finessed through the system" according to my rep) anything lefty that they make righty except a couple of models that need specially made lefty hardware. I plan on getting signature guitars like the Jackson Browne and John Lennon 160, True Vintage J-45s, Blues Kings, etc, along with the usual J-200s, J-45s, Hummingbirds, etc.
J-185 pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket
J-185 pictures by jerrysleftyguitars - Photobucket

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