New facebook page for Jerry's Lefty Guitars.

I started a Facebook page for Jerry's Lefty Guitar last week. I wanted to invite all my email contacts as "friends" to my site. I think it would be cool to have all the leftys in the world have a site where that could contact any other lefty in your town, city, state, country, etc. With all our Facebook pages connected, we can see where everyone lives. I did not know any leftys until I started this business. Now I know 5 in Sarasota, and dozens within 100 miles of here, and thousands worldwide. You may have a lefty guitarist living in your building or down the street, and never know it. I have 1500 recent email contacts with lefty guitarists. It seems you can ordinarily access your email contacts through facebook and ask them to become "friends". I'm not able to do this. I cannot access anything in my address book through facebook. I have sent them inquiries 3 times now to see what can be done. No reply yet. So I'm appealing to my readers on my blog to send "friends" requests to my facebook page:
Jerry's Lefty Guitars  Thanks!

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