Cole Clark FL1A 12 String left handed guitar 4/23/13

After two years of not building leftys, Cole Clark is now set to build leftys whenever I order them. I ordered 12 at NAMM in January and this was the first arrive (two Angels are about to ship to me now). Cole Clark has reengineered their fabulous pickup system and redesigned their top bracing and the guitar  now sounds as wonderful acoustically as it always has plugged in. If you need the best lefty 12 string for performing, I have your guitar! $2610 list, $1999 MAP.
 jerrysleftyguitars's Cole Clark/FL1A 12 String left handed guitar album
Ocean - Tommy Lie (HD) (John Butler) - YouTube
Funky Tonight - Tommy Lie (HD) (The John Butler Trio) - YouTube

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