Guitar arrivals and soon to arrive. 10/17/09

A couple of more Suhrs are here (I ordered a bunch of them). A Pro S1 Sonic Blue (that's the Rosewood neck) and a Pro S2 Sonic Blue with S/S/S instead of the usual S/S/H. This is another option recently made available by Suhr on the Pro series guitars like the addition of Stainless Steel frets on ALL the Suhrs I receive.
A Trussart Rustycaster similar to the one I recently sold will be here next week. Faded Star on engraved roses with Bigsby. These Trussarts are just the coolest guitars.
My Peerless Guitar order will be at Customs on Monday or Tuesday. I'm looking forward to getting them here and photographed and on my site. Wait until you see these guitars. Wait until you see the great price.
I ordered guitars this week from:
Composite Acoustics
Jerry Jones
I'll fill you in later on what was ordered.

The shop building came to halt on Thursday when Lee was admitted to the hospital with blood clots in his leg and then found in his lungs. He hopes to be out next Tuesday if all goes well, but no idea yet when he can return to working with me. I'm not going to try and install drywall and slatwall by myself just yet. If Lee is unable to help by about Wednesday, I'll start back by myself.


  1. Hope those Republics include a squareneck tricone . . . so I can stop pestering Frank at Republic about it.

  2. I see Frank just got a couple of right-handed squareneck tricones in stock, after being out for several months . . . I guess he'll get my lefty eventually . . .



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