I'm finally getting to write about the Namm show in Anaheim, California at the end of January. 1500 manufacturers were showing everything musical at the show. There were nearly 90,000 registered attendees. I went with the intention of getting more manufacturers to make us lefty guitars.

These are the manufacturers that had leftys that I saw.
(and I looked pretty diligently).

Guild- 1 GAD 50
Duesenberg- 1 Starplayer TV (1st Lefty of its kind) made for me.
Trussart- Steelcaster made for me.
Suhr- Classic in Sonic Blue- made to surprise me (it did!)
Eastwood- 1 Tuxedo
St. Blues- 5 new models!
Italia-1 Maranello- they want me to be a dealer.
Di Pinto- a very nice Bacchus with Bigsby. I'm considering being a dealer for them.
Eastman- 1 mandolin (strange choice to bring)
G&L- 1 Tribute Legacy
Musicman- 1 bass
Taylor- 110

That's it! Many thousands of guitars all in one building and only 16 lefty guitars!

These are the manufacturers I had appointments with: Duesenberg, St. Blues, Breedlove, Eastman, Heritage, Larrivee, Morgan, Reverend, Composite Acoustics, Rainsong, Warwick, Epiphone, Santa Cruz, Huss & Dalton, Blueberry, Swampcaster, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Guild, Fender, Martin, Tacoma, G&L, Morgan Hill, Blueridge, Peerless, Suhr, Goodall, Trussart, Eastwood, Tradition, DiPinto, and Collings.

I talked to a lot of other manufacturers in passing. Amps, strings, pedals, straps, etc. It is one of the most unbelievable sights you could ever see, all things that relate to music, from all over the world, all under one roof. If you ever have the opportunity, go to NAMM. Just don't expect to see many left handed guitars!

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  1. You have a great story to tell Jerry. I've been playing for 18yrs now. I couldnt imagine losing a finger on my fretting hand and having to start all over. You are truely inspirational. Keep it up!



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