A few words about upcharges for lefties.

As lefty guitar players we have all experienced being charged more for guitars that are leftys than our righty brothers and sisters pay for the same guitar. Some manufacturers like Bourgeois, Larrivee, Suhr, Santa Cruz, and Anderson do not have upcharges for leftys even though they cost more to make. They absorb the extra cost. They also will make any of their instruments available to leftys. Fender does not have an upcharge, but also doesn't make many models or colors available to us. Most manufacturers have upcharges that range from $100 (Timberline), to $350 (Collings), or is a percentage. I'm working to get manufacturers to eliminate all upcharges for us leftys. I've got some to lower the upcharge for me by making it a policy to not pass any upcharges on to my customers. It is in my interest to promote those companies that have no or low upcharges and I'm letting the manufacturers know this.

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