PRS Arrives 8/26/09

A used PRS in 9+ condition arrived today. Photos soon I hope. We are working on the shop pretty much all daylight hours still. We finished insulating the foundation and started putting the radiant barrier in the attic space trusses this afternoon. Ah yes, working in an attic in Florida in August! We will finish that in the morning and then likely start the radiant carrier on the outside of the sheeting all around the building. Probably get the windows in tomorrow also. I'm hoping to give the shop one more week full time and get the exterior completed and the interior wired, plumbed, AC roughed in and all the insulation done. Then I better get back to guitar stuff for a while to get caught back up.
Oh, another Suhr Classic T was shipped to me today.
I will get to photographing guitars on Saturday. Also, my web people are back from vacation and should be posting guitars 12 or so guitars soon.

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