Reverend Guitars cuts lefty production 8/12/09

Reverend Guitars is no longer producing many of their models in lefty. They will no longer be making the Jetstream 390, the Buckshot, the Double Agent, the Warhawk, the Roundhouse, and the Jetstream HB. They have changed the Volcano to a Vintage Clear (Natural), and added the Six Gun (3 single coils), the Sensei (Faded Burst Flame Maple w/ Humbuckers), and a 3 Tone Burst 290 (2 P90s). Look for the new models soon. Some will be here this month.
I'm sold out of the Jetstream 390s, the Double Agent, and the Warhawk. I have 1 Jetstream HB, 1 Roundhouse, and 1 Volcano in Yellow. When these are gone, there will be no more.
I talked to Joe Naylor today about getting either the Clubhouse or Manta Ray (both semi-hollows) made lefty. It looks like this will happen soon (maybe have some 5 weeks from now).

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  1. Having a lefty manta ray?? What?? I'd be all over that, but it looks like I may have to wait a little long:(



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